Emu Oil

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Infinity Oil Benefits:

This oil is a powerhouse facial, body and hair oil for mom. Dry, dull skin , hair and scalp is common due to hormonal changes. This oil is a nutrient dense oil that aids in the thriving of the skin, nails especially during postpartum. This oil can also be used to aid inflammation in joints.

  • Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Oleic Acid. To keep hair, skin and nails healthy 
  • Benefit joint inflammation with anti-inflammatory properties
  •  Emu Oil is nutrient rich that leaves the skin and hair thriving! It contains Vitamin A which is needed for skin repair. It has Vitamin E which is a major antioxidant and helps in healing skin. It also contains oliec acid which aids in skin cell regeneration. Emu oil has a thick viscosity, but sinks well into the skin, and keeps the skin moisturized for longer than any other carrier oil.
  • While Emu Oil has been proven to reduce the appearance of blemishes, it has also been shown to help people just feel better overall with simple application to certain areas of the body. This organic oil can be used for general joint pain, easing sore or aching muscles, or anything associated with mild inflammation.